Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Kawaii Cushions

'Kawaii' is Japanese for cuteness, and is frankly the only word I can think of for these cushions from Etsy seller mymimi. Among the range of huggable animals are a raccoon who currently graces my sofa.
I'm not the biggest fan of pandas - diversify your diet, you fools! - but look at this little guy. Look at his face! Look at him chewing on that nutritionally useless bamboo! Aww.
And this adorable golden tiger just wants a hug and maybe a foot rub. How can you deny him? Warning: these cushions are so cute that you won't want to sit on them. They're $38 each - about £25 - plus another few quid for shipping.


  1. The shop does smaller cushions with free postage too. Tiny cuteness!

  2. "Diversify your diet!" YES!

    Also: have sex, you idiots.

    We totally get evolution.

  3. Here is my favorite panda fact: "Baby pandas in the nursery must be frequently handled and rolled from side to side, like bread dough; otherwise their intestines can become flattened or distorted." They can't even grow properly. IDIOTS.

  4. Every time I see Pandas, I think of that sketch from The Mighty Boosh where Vince dresses up as a Panda in order to seduce a lady Panda.

  5. Sorry, but where are you from??!?? PANDAS ARE THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!

    They're so cute & cuddly & have you seen the panda sneezing?! CUTEST THING EVER!!

    Yes they're very silly, but that only adds to their charm. And what doesn't go with black & white?!
    Pandas rock.

  6. Panda fans: you can volunteer at a panda centre in China. Duties include "preparing panda bread" and "carrying lots of bamboo": http://www.pandasinternational.org/volunteer.html

  7. "diversify your diet, you fools!"



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