Friday, 29 October 2010

Lingerie at Topshop

I've only just been alerted to how pretty Topshop's lingerie is. I've long been a fan of the Odille range at Oasis, but since that is no more, I need some affordable and sexy smalls. As much as I love Myla, my budget really doesn't stretch that far. But I can afford these. Now I just have to choose which ones to buy.

I love to contrast piping on this navy set. It's so flattering. Just don't wear it under a thin t-shirt. Instead of having predictable polka dots, they're pinspots instead. It's £22 for the set.

I like that you can choose a size for the tops and the bottoms. Perfect if you're big up top. This silk set is £24.

I love the retro feel to this lacy set. I think you'd have to be quite small up top for the bra to work, but it's cute, isn't it? Only £26 too.

This is my favourite. I'm a huge fan of bright-coloured lingerie, and this blue is perfect. It's one of the cheaper sets at £22 too.

Can I have them all please?

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  1. Topshop underwear is beautiful, but it REALLY does not cater for the larger boobed lady :(


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