Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Easter Gifts: Lazy Oaf's Rabbit Ring

It's just under a month until Easter now (24 April this year, dontcha know)... so does that mean we can start dropping hints about what we want? Here's my hint: it's not chocolate.

This big, adorable, bold, gold, emerald-eyed bunny is the thing I most want the Easter Bunny to leave at the end of my bed this year. It's £25 from Lazy Oaf. Look at its little face!

Too early, you say? Well it's also the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, so stuff you.


  1. I was about to complain that this was a total rip off of the Zena and Me bunny ring but then clicked the link and realised it IS by zena & me, it's just being sold on the Lazy Oaf site! I was worried, especially as Lazy Oaf are getting really good at ripping other people off...x

  2. Cute! We desperately want that ring! xxxx


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