Friday, 26 August 2011

My Little Rogue Pony

The ongoing nightmare that is the purchase of my first flat seems to be coming together.


So I bet you're all wondering. What, of all the gorgeous not-made-of-gold-or-cats things that I could possibly buy for this much longed-for apartment, would be the first?

It's this.

Bear with me.

The bed and sofa can come later, a Mari Kasurinen modded My Little Pony of my favourite X-Men character, Rogue, seemed like much the best choice. Plus, I'd ordered it back in 2008 but couldn't afford it then. Growing old score!

Think of any pop culture character - Alien, GaGa, Andy Warhol, Rorschach, Princess Leia, Catwoman, Jack Skellington - and Kasurinen will have made them perfectly out of a My Little Pony. It sounds mental, but it looks great. Feast your eyes my dears.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I want them all. There is no good reason for me to buy them all, and some will give me nightmares but I want them all. I completely understand why buying this was a priority.

  2. I love these. I've only ever seen REALLY bad ones (sticking a Barbie mermaid costume on a pony with a glue gun does not impress me). But these are pretty wonderful. I want a Cat Woman one. She has a funky mask.


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