Thursday, 21 March 2013

Her Curious Nature

There's no getting away from it: millinery can get expensive. But Her Curious Nature is in exception to that very pricey rule. Sabrina started her business on Portobello Market and still manages to keep her hats and headpieces affordable. It's even affordable a week before payday.

This gorgeous feather turban is just £35. A couple of team Sluttery have taken to wearing turbans recently and looking excellent. Not me, they look bloody ridiculous on me (I must stop trying them on in public).

I do like a floppy hat though. Especially one that's handmade in teal felt.

This little hat is adorable (and part of a previous or bespoke collection, perhaps. Either way, I'm very sad that's it not available in the shop anymore. And I'm sad my hair doesn't look like that when I haven't brushed it. But you can buy a similar lace collar for £35.

Oh, be still my beating heart.

Too much? Gorgeous as this leopard print/peacock feather hat is (and excited as I am at the prospect of mixing leopard and peacock prints) I think the cat would eat it.

She's smudged her lippy. But it's OK because it totally matches her headband thing. Which is falling off her head a bit. But that's also OK because it's fabulous.

OK, stop now. There's so much pretty in this photo. Somehow these two are managing to avoid looking totally bonkers. I want to go to parties with them. Prices for Her Curious Nature pieces start at £25, with the more delicate pieces understandably creeping into the hundreds. What a gorgeous, brilliant range.


  1. ooo, nice turban. That floppy hat would look ace on you Sian.

    1. Aren't they pretty? Kat would suit definitely a turban as well.

    2. I feel like this is dress up Kat day: Have a turban! Have some winged sandals! Kat, live out all our dressing-up fantasies please.

  2. Just ordered a pastel flowered hair clip from this site. Everything is so pretty!! Think the clip would make a great wedding hair accessory. I'm not even engaged but figured it's an investment really...

    1. Aren't they gorgeous? And so well styled. Love everything about the range.

      I've got a wedding coming up, I might just invest in a little something.

    2. HER CURIOUS NATURE failed to deliver AT ALL and failed to respond to ANY of my emails. SERIOUSLY disappointing. Do NOT waste your money with them!


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