Monday, 29 April 2013

Calligraphuck's Exquisite Expletives

Salutations, motherfucker! Let me introduce you to Calligraphuck's range of sweary letterpress cards. One of these little beauties will serve as the perfect conduit for a missive to your most potty-mouthed friends. Swearing IS big and it IS clever - never forget it, kids.

This is the sort of thing Benedict Cumberbatch - himself a rather magnificent bastard - says to his chums all the time, isn't it? 

Know someone who's going through a rough patch? Send a profane pick-me-up to brighten their day. 

I love a bit of gratuitous swearing, and I think the reason these cards are so effective is the juxtapositioning (*pretentious face*) of profanity with the sort of calligraphic font normally reserved for wedding invitations. I can imagine hearing the satisfying thud of its heavy card hitting my doormat and thinking this was something VERY formal arriving in the post.

Calligraphuck's cards are £4 each, including birthday, congratu-fucking-lations, and Christmas cards (no, it's not too early, apparently - I've had a press release about it already). And if you reckon you'll still be with your magnificent bastard or bitch next Valentine's Day, they've got that covered, too. 

Calligraphuck - I fucking love you.


  1. I...I just...I....I want ALL OF THEM! All of them! And I speak as someone who has an actual box of stationery on my desk so clearly don't need any more ever again!

  2. These are f*****g amazing!

  3. These are fan-f*****g-tastic! I love them!

  4. I'd probably use these as wedding invitations.

  5. Goal today is now to call someone a magnificent bastard

  6. Oh my. I am resisting the urge to curse, but I really love these.

  7. These are boyfriend used to call me magnificent bastard for a reason only known to him, he laughed when I showed him last night :)

  8. Just received Happy Fucking Christmas and it's made my day :)


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