Friday, 12 April 2013

Friday Wishlist: Gorgeous things you'll want to buy RIGHT NOW

The perfect outfit. The biker jacket is £75, the swishy blue skirt is £59. Both are from Darling clothes.

The perfect handbag. £59 from Oasis.

The perfect lampshade. £49 from Lush Designs.

The perfect cushion. £35 from Ohh Deer on Culture Label. (Yes, they are handbag-carrying ladies have a bit of a fight.)

The perfect cocktail ring. Just £25 from Regal Rose. All the best rings have tiny skulls around the edge.

The perfect shoes. They're £65 from & Other Stories.

Oh dear, we've spent all of our money.


  1. Oh my - that is indeed the perfect outfit - I'm in love with that biker jacket

    1. I think it's going to be my summer wedding outfit.

    2. I can really see you in that outfit - beautiful! The shoes for me, please.

  2. Such a pretty skirt. And handbag. And lampshade...

    *reaches for credit card*


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