Monday, 29 April 2013

(It's Honestly) What I Always Wanted

"It's what I always wanted" is probably something you've mumbled through gritted teeth when you've been given another terrible jumper for Christmas, but What I Always Wanted brings you things you genuinely desire, all made by independent British designers. Flex your credit card, we're going in.

In the wrong hands, this could have been a little bit Skymall - the magazine you get on long-haul flights that sells tat like this pug oil painting (warning: will make you spit tea on your screen). But these personalised pet cushions are genuinely charming and beautifully made. Send them a photo of your pet and designers Naughty Dog will applique them onto a cushion for £30 (£40 for a large cushion).

Hello Mr Magpie! Look at this cheery fella. There's no chance he'd bring you bad luck - look at his face, he's clearly got some serious gossip to pass on. He's hand-cut from copper then fired with enamels, and comes perched in a box frame that you can hang up or have free-standing. He'll cost you £40.

Still persevering with your sewing post-Great British Sewing Bee? Still stabbing yourself with stray needles / leaving them on the sofa to the chagrin of your housemates / mysteriously losing them all? Then you need a sweet briar pincushion ring from Wychbury for £12. Sew safely, kids.

Raargh! DINOSAURS! Parading around on your ears! I never knew I wanted brontosaurus earrings until today, but I covet these sterling silver earrings. They're £28 and come in an adorable tin, making them an ideal gift for someone you really like (i.e. me, post to Domestic Sluttery, That London, W£ <3 G1N).

HIYAAAA! How could you feel gloomy if you arrived home to this sunshine yellow print by Yoke? It's happier to see me than my cat will ever be. It's A5, hand printed, and £15.

Go and explore - What I Always Wanted has fantastic jewellery, homeware, prints, cushions, trinkets and more. Treat yourself and feel good about supporting an independent designer.


  1. I MUST and SHALL have that cushion in my life. Ambridge has done too many Instagrammable things for me not to!

    1. I can't wait to get a cushion of my cat, then photograph my cat lying on it, then Instagram the results and watch the internet implode.

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it just? It was so hard to narrow down what I wrote about.

  3. I love 'What I Always Wanted' they've got a real eye for finding great designers and unusual gifts. And now I need to get a cushion of 'Charley Bucket' our cat from Chorley who purrs with a Lancashire accent!

    1. Awww! He sounds gorgeous. And I really want to hear his purr now.


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