Friday, 31 May 2013

Friday Wishlist: Gorgeous things you'll want to buy RIGHT NOW

The perfect maxi dress. £69 from Joy.

The perfect necklace. £86 from Boticca.

The perfect plates. £32, from Melody Rose at Culture Label.

The perfect filing cabinet. £495 from Graham & Green.

The perfect neon handbag. £19.99 from Zara.

The perfect ring. £35 from Tatty Devine.


  1. That handbag - wow! Love the maxi dress too. Combined with the turtle ring it's the perfect outfit.

    (still trying to work out a way to wear the filing cabinet...)

    1. You would sit yourself next to the filing cabinet, it's the perfect backdrop to your fabulous new outfit.

    2. Yes. Gentleman callers, come and admire my gorgeous outfit, perfectly enhanced by my filing cabinet.

    3. And me and Sara.

      Actually, that filing cabinet WOULD look perfect in your flat.

  2. Love the website's description for the necklace, apparently jewels are "pooping" out of the treasure chest. Titter titter, Friday-afternoon titter!

    1. Nothing better than pooing sparkly jewels all over the place.


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