Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Top Ten Chorizo Recipes

We'd probably put chorizo in everything if we could. It is our number one solution to our dinner looking a little bit dull. Sometimes just eating slices of it is simply our solution to dinner. Here are our top ten chorizo recipes. Standing at the fridge shoving slices into your face is probably our favourite, but read on if you want something more sophisticated.

Chorizo makes cold weather infinitely better. Sure, it's sunny right now but that's pretty changeable. Probably four times in the next half an hour. Don't dismiss the chorizo and tripoline pasta recipe as a winter thing (or our spicy macaroni bake). Don't save the chorizo in red wine for November nights. They're perfect recipes for unexpectedly rainy days. And there's nothing more soothing than our sausage and chorizo soup. It makes a shit day totally disappear.

Most of our chorizo recipes are courtsey of Laura B. She's half Spanish, so she's basically 85% chorizo. That's why we get genius recipes like chorizo and blue cheese QUICHE IN A CUP. This is what microwaves were invented for.

Or how about chorizo and prawns in a tequila sauce? Yes. We'll have all of that. Don't forgot about our quesadillas and empanadilla recipes.

Let's not forget breakfast. You can throw loads of chorizo in our souffle omelette (yes, that does sound quite posh given that it's just whipped up eggs). And you should definitely have a bash at gypsy eggs. They're perfect for when you've got loads of little leftover bits. Sara did huevos rancheros which is basically the same but has no chorizo. So that link basically has no place in this feature. If you've missed breakfast, you could just shove all of the chorizo in a roasted deli baguette. If in doubt, just put everything in a sandwich.

Want more inspiration? Check out the rest of our top ten recipes. Nope, still no top ten salads.


  1. I suspect chorizo would be my gateway meat if I ever gave up vegetarianism.

  2. It's a REALLY bad day in this household if there is no chorizo in the fridge. My husband commutes to London every day and his office is near a couple of good shops with Spanish produce and I persuade him to go there whenever he can to get me the GOOD chorizo sausages (and lomo, and biscuits, and Cola Cao...). I'll be checking out your chorizo recipes. I made pasta with salami a few weeks ago and I was accused of cheating on chorizo ;)

    1. I don't think I've ever not had chorizo in the house.

  3. That sounds like my dream shopping list. .in fact I'm going to have cola cao now

  4. If you ever compile a Top Ten of salads, PLEASE use some photographs from here: http://thehairpin.com/2011/01/women-laughing-alone-with-salad

    1. We really should do a top ten salad piece, we have some brilliant salads on the site. Tonight I had a stilton and walnut.

  5. I persuade him to go there whenever he can to get me the GOOD chorizo sausages (and lomo, and biscuits, and Cola Cao...). I'll be checking out your chorizo recipes.
    Home Page


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