Monday, 3 June 2013

Going Underground: Tube Line Colours

If there's one thing the London Underground does well - aside from intermittently getting people from A to B, sometimes with a long and unexpected delay at H, R, and Y - it's colour. My favourite bit of the Tube map is between Hammersmith and Baker Street, when the Circle line runs parallel to the Hammersmith & City line in a riot of yellow and pink. 

The London Transport Museum shop is helping us bring a little underground colour into our homes with its Tube Line Colours collection. These coloured luggage racks come in all the line colours, from mint green Waterloo & City to bright red Central. The racks are reclaimed from decommissioned Metropolitan line trains, so this is a double-whammy of Tube-ular chic.

I know what you're thinking: there isn't a white Tube line. That would be silly. (Or maybe there is! Maybe it's where the ghost trains run!) The Transport Museum neatly gets around this by describing this one as 'map background white'. And the gold one? Why, that's to celebrate 150 years of the Underground, of course! 

The luggage racks are available in small (£150) or large (£250). Not terribly cheap, I admit - but you are getting a lovely little piece of history, as well as a stylish place to stow your stuff. I want one for my hallway. 

You could, of course, pop one of these metal trunks on your luggage rack. I've got my eye on these minty beauties:

The small size is £62 and the larger ones are £82. Created by French designer Stephanie de Saint Simon, they're powder-coated and ultra-durable. They'd look great piled up in a living room as a side table, which in my world means yet another surface to cover in books and the occasional precarious cup of coffee. I think these would do that job pretty perfectly.

If I buy this yellow trunk and the pink luggage rack, I can recreate my favourite bit of the Tube map! Hurrah!

The rest of the Tube Line Colours collection includes these pocket watches, and a range of lamps (I almost used the word 'snazzy' there. Forgive me Sluts, for I have sinned). I'm hoping more products will be added to the range throughout the Tube's 150th year, because I really am quite smitten.


  1. Beautiful beautiful luggage racks! Why are you beyond my price range? I must have at least one of you...

    1. Aren't they just. I'm trying to justify a small one for the hall...

  2. Your favourite bit of the underground is the bit that's most unreliable?

    1. Yeah, it just looks so nice on the map! I'm all about the colours...

    2. One day you'll come to play in London with us and have a go on the bit you like and then you'll be all angry Scottish swears.


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