Monday, 3 June 2013

Liberace: Your New Style Icon

Liberace is my style icon. It's not just his love of glitter, sequins, enormous rings, elaborate capes and multiple accessories. It's the fact he created his own sense of style and embraced it every day. He added diamantes to everything, including his toolbox. He greeted guests in sequinned kaftans with matching slippers. He put glitter in his hair.

He is everything I want to be and so much more. Here I am at the Liberace Museum in Vegas four years ago, wearing one of his actual capes. The photo is blurry because my friend Kate (who has sent me many excellent suggestions for this post) was shaking with excitement:

And good news: three years after closing, it looks like the Liberace Museum will be reopening in Vegas. I'm honestly planning my return trip already. But until then - how to get the Liberace lifestyle if you don't have the budget to add diamonds to everything?

Let's start with the clothes, and return to the Hobbs sale. These gold cigarette trousers are an excellent statement of fabulousity. They're £89 - hello, Hobbs, it's meant to be a SALE - but you'll be wearing them forever.

Friends drop by unexpectedly, you're looking borderline dowdy, WHAT TO DO? Don't panic - simply reach for your vintage beaded cape and you'll be fine. It's £24.97 from Etsy and channels a Great Gatsby vibe too.

Liberace never knowingly left a finger unadorned. Why only wear two rings, when you have ten fingers? He had an enormous gold and diamond piano ring casually adorning his little finger. You could basically play Chopsticks on that thing. Add to your collection with this dichroic glass ring - the colours change from teal to deep blue as it catches the light. It's just £13.50 from Etsy.

Get the piano vibe with this keyboard necklace from Tatty Devine. It has 17 separate keys to add some monochrome movement to your outfit. And it's currently on sale at £27.


The Liberace film is called Behind The Candelabra, although I suspect Lee would have dismissed this one as not sparkly enough. This elegant glass candle-holder is £49 from Brissi.

So - apart from Laura B and I, who else is massively over-excited about Behind The Candelabra? Let's just have another little look at the trailer, shall we? Come on, you get Matt Damon in rhinestone Speedos:


  1. Ooh, I bloody love EVERYTHING in this post. Just wondrous. Special thanks for spreading the gold trouser love, those are immense!

    1. Aren't they brilliant? Beautiful without being garish (I think - my sense of OTT is a bit off).

  2. I love those trousers so much, yet I don't really think I could carry that look off. That model's ass looks fantastic, though.

    1. I'm not sure I'm tall enough to wear cropped trousers, but I'd give it a damn good try if they were cheaper.

    2. Yeah, at eighty-nine quid I want a full trouser leg, thanks Hobbs.


    4. But I think we'd hate them if they were full-length. CONTRARY.

    5. I think I need my legs to be five inches longer, and the trousers to be £50 cheaper.

  3. Replies
    1. I watched the trailer seven times yesterday, and then a making of "featurette", and then looked at pictures of Matt Damon in his Speedos, then had to have some quiet time.


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