Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Brilliant Shoes For You This Autumn

Blue shoes! Teal Anika Kendra, £54.99

I'm such a fickle beast. Two days of rain and I'm already casting lascivious looks in the direction of autumn, not least because it means gorgeous back-to-school thoughts of cabbages and kings, lovely clothes and shoes.

A lot of my favourite shoe companies have released their AW catalogue, like doves into the wild, but the only one to get money out of me so far is Clarks. Yes, Clarks. I do seem to be banging on about them a lot this year, don't I? But really, it's because their stuff has been superb. Here are my favourites.

I don't care if it means that I have to limbo through a doorway, I absolutely must have, or at the very least, try on these gorgeous wine patent heels (£59.99, 2-9, half-sizes, widths D and E). I gave up doing heels for a while until I found the amazingly comfortable Arethas over at Amber and Jade, but given that Clarks make a killing out of offering comfortable shoes, walking in these can't be much of a problem at all. Gorgeous prim but fit 60s school aesthetic going on as well.

These are on my feet literally as we speak. I've worn them two days on the trot and they are absolutely stunning on. Comfortable, solid and waterproof (thank the heavens, which keep opening over my head) they are a MIRACLE with jeans, smart trousers and pretty much anything else. They're also called Hotel Diva which feels wholly appropriate for the Sluttery crew, and I haven't fallen this hard for a pair of shoes in ages. They're £64.99, 3-9, half-sizes, D width.

If you haven't come across former Times stylist Hannah Rochelle's wonderful flat shoes blog En Brogue, you are in for a treat. That's where I first found these gorgeous Bodkin Beach shoes, which are ridiculous in all the right ways, and with the same slip-on look as my beloved Diva. Happily for my wallet, they don't go up to a 9 (boo!), and are available in sizes 3-8, half-sizes, D width for £69.99.

Clarks have got a metric tonne of quality brogues in for autumn (if you prefer a gentleman's cut, the Edward Limit in the men's range is a gorgeous reissue of an old classic).

This animal print Hamble Oak came home with me and the Hotel Divas. As anyone who has seen my bright green red laced Irregular Choice set will know, I am a sucker for a ridiculous shoe, and these are just so happy and joy-making that I had to have them.

Here are some other crackers from the range, all of which cost £54.99, come in sizes 3-9 and half-sizes, and D and E widths unless otherwise stated:

These black patent numbers are the very embodiment of 'snazzy'.

Remember Spatz on CITV? It took me YEARS to discover what spats actually were (I read The Great Gatsby and its ilk convinced they were a type of trousers). These spats-like brogues come in the same sizes as its kin, but D width only.

Can you tell I love burgundy? These gorgeous brogues are also called Wine Interest, which seems particularly suitable for some people of my acquaintance (you there. Yes, you).

I really like the cloth tartan in these burgundy shoes - if it had been made in a slightly stronger colour, or a patent, I would have snapped these up as ultimate 'fun shoes'. (D width only)

I'm feeling a bit knackered after all that shoe enthusiasm, so here is a smooth pony skin, suede and patent combo to finish in these elegant black slippers (£64.99, 3-9, half-sizes, D width).

 In unrelated news, I totally, absolutely want everything the model is wearing in this picture.


  1. Oh god, I really really really want all these shoes. I'm delighted to see I could actually walk in them all too.

    Is the model in the photo realising her Capri Sun has spilled all over her bag, or you think, or staring with surprise at a kitten?

    1. I bet she's just remembered that the head of her enemy is in there.

  2. I can't believe these are Clarks!! Love the black patent ones.

  3. Clarks do the very best wine colour. And suprisingly sexy if you like the librarian/secretarial style of sexy.

    1. And who doesn't! Gorgeous colour, I completely agree.

  4. I was talking about Spatz (the CITV show) the other day and couldn't remember what on Earth it was called! Thank you! I'm not surprised you're thinking of autumn, I'm back in my Doc Martens (with shorts).

  5. Hi! Thanks so much for the mention. Clarks really do have great shoes for AW13. Oh, and I think the model is wearing a Hobbs NW1 suit? I have the same one! Topshop also did something similar last season I think. Anyway, great look (if I do say so myself).

    1. Oh God, I'm even more envious in that case - thank you so much for saying what it was! Utterly terrific look and I will haunt the internet until something similar comes back in.

    2. I have that suit too! I don't think it's quite the one in the picture (less purple?) but very similar. Hobbs still have it in their outlet, but trousers only in 12 or above


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