Thursday, 25 July 2013

Chew Chew! Train Dish Set

Children really do get the best stuff. If you need proof, have a look at Sara's pick of the fabulous The Kid Who store and gaze jealously at bunny nightlights and cat plates that are designed for children. The great thing about being an adult, though, is that you can buy whatever you like, right out of the hands of those pesky kids*.

The Chew Chew Train place setting is just the sort of thing that we grown ups should snap up before children get their sticky mitts on them. This rather wonderful locomotive dismantles to become a plate, side plate, bowl, cup, fork and spoon. If you haven't quite grasped the brilliance of this yet, I'll explain it again: it's a train you can eat your dinner from!

Our country's railway lines might be warping in this heat, and come the winter we'll be facing delays due to the wrong kind of snow, so it's great to find a train you can count on. As an added bonus, this train's buffet carriage will have all your favourite food, because you'll be the one who stocks it! Not a sweaty bacon roll in sight (unless you're a fan of soggy bread). 

I originally found this wonderful meal-time treat on American site, Vat19, but shipping was almost as much as the cost of the train and it would take two weeks to reach me. Undaunted, I continued my search and Amazon came to the rescue! Even more excitingly, it's only £4.14 (plus £2.50 delivery), as opposed to the $19.99, plus shipping from the USA. Order quickly – there's not many left in stock and I'm sure they'll fly off the shelves faster than a speeding train! 

*Please don't actually snatch these trains from children, they've been known to make horrible noises when you do that sort of thing.


  1. Is it bad that I really want one of these despite have no kids!!

    1. Not at all. I've ordered one and I don't have kids either!

  2. I wish they'd put tasty looking food in this. I know it's for kids, but still. No one wants carrots, even if they do come delivered on a train.

    1. Very true. You can put all kinds of tasty food on yours.

    2. And I'm GONNA.

      Trains also work with eggs:

  3. I am buying this 'for my son'...he's not going to get a look in at picnics!
    Maybe I should buy two...'in case he loses bits from one' - excuses for all eventualities! xx


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