Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sites we love: Girl Cooks World

Since Caleigh joined Domestic Sluttery with her gluten free column last year, I've changed my eating habits a little. I don't have a gluten free diet, but I'm much more likely to try a gluten free recipe - especially since my housemate is gluten intolerant. Then I discovered Cate and her blog Girl Cooks World.

Cate creates gluten free recipes from around the world. One of the main issues Cate finds is wanting to try local specialities when she's on holiday, but not being able to because they're not gluten free. So she's creating them herself!

I like that Girl Cooks World is inspired by Cate's travels. If she's been in India (and she has recently), you'll get loads of great curry recipes. A few pages back are some Burmese recipes. And not only is it gluten free, some of it's vegan and vegetarian.

Oh, and her photography is gorgeous. The girl can make a salad look amazing. I'm such a fan of food from corners of the world I don't know (that's why we have a food map of the world), but doing it with dietary restrictions is tough.

Cate is from Hawaii so everything is in cups, but you can use our conversion chart to solve that. Even if you don't have a gluten free diet, Girl Cooks World will inspire you to cook something new for tea.


  1. The top one looks delicious, will definitely be trying a veggie version of it

    1. I think you can search through the veggie options as well, Emma!

  2. I've been lost in this blog for the past 24 hours! I'm making that egg drop soup this weekend.

    1. I know you'd like it! I'd argue that her recipes are a little too reliant on curry, but they look so tasty that I don't care a jot about that. And we eat A LOT of curry in our flat - perhaps because it's something everyone can eat without worrying about intolerances.


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