Thursday, 11 July 2013

Swishy and Swooshy Summer Skirts

A confession. Though one of the uniting beliefs at the heart of Domestic Sluttery is our love of a damn good dress, I'm actually more of a skirt obsessive. And, oh my god, I'm even more obsessive at the moment because full skirts at my favourite length - basically what the fashion mags are calling the "midi" - are back in fashion again.

The appeal of these skirts for me is more about their fullness and their swooshiness. Nothing helps me feel cooler on a hot day then having lovely fresh fabric swishing around my legs (the length is also helpful if you a bit happy-go-lucky about tending to your leg hair). Wearing these skirts make me feel like I've walked straight out of couture house in the 1950s.

For this reason, I think the 50s-style romantic florals on this £55 Topshop rose organza skirt work really well, but I also like how they've added the sheer panel insert to keep it from looking too costume-like.

Now, this term "midi" is slightly confusing. If you look at the photo on the Topshop website, you'll see that the skirt reaches to just below their model's knee. But this model is 5'10": earlier this week, I saw this skirt worn by an actual real life girl who is about 5'4" and it hit her mid-calf, and it looked gorgeous. Which goes to show. If you're short, some people might try and tell you these skirts will make your legs look fat, but la-la-la ignore those haters. If you do suffer calf-based insecurities, simply add heels. Heels are great in really making you think you're a 1950s model.

ASOS are selling lots of these full midi skirts in a whole rainbow of colours (this colour is called 'scuba' apparently). They're all well priced - this design is £38 for example - and in every one of the pictures the model is swishing her skirt and looking delighted. Note: invest in one of these skirts and  this could be you. Also note: pockets.

This pattern and colours of the stripe Lucia skirt really play up to the retro feel of this swooshy shape. It's from my favourite shop of the summer, Tara Starlet and is £69. There's even a matching bralet available for the extremely daring. Covering up your legs a bit completely justifies you in flashing a bit more flesh up top, I reckon.

The only pattern that can even hope to rival stripes in my affections is polka dots. The spots on Izabel's green polka dot skirt are the very prettiest kind, and simply demand to be taken out swooshing and smooching on picnics with handsome bookish men. A good way to justify spending £24 on a new skirt. You can buy it from Dotty Dorothy Perkins.

The tutu-like netting on Louche's Bettula midi skirt takes the idea of fantasy dressing to a whole new level. I can't think of much else prettier to swish around in under twinkling lights at a summer party. It's £39 from Joy.

And for a bit of classic swooshing and swishing, you can't beat a dirndl skirt. This 1950s original dirndl skirt is decorated with a pattern of ice cream carts - see, it's virtually guaranteed to show you a good time. Petite ladies should snap it up quickly from the ever wonderful Love Miss Daisy for £40, and have a swooshily stylish summer.


  1. Ooh, I like these. I just wish they were all dresses because I am not very good at tops. What would you wear with the Topshop skirt, Frances?

    1. Something simple definitely - I wear most of my full skirts with a black body, but I reckon something like a white t-shirt would look great. Topshop have put it with a grey t-shirt in the piccie.

      I also really like the stripes with the coloured skirt in the ASOS picture. I'd wear an outfit like that most days if I could.

  2. Ah, I love the swooshiness! The Love Miss Daisy one is goergeous - though I would probably have to buy a top to go with it.

  3. I think 'scuba' on the ASOS skirt refers to the fabric, not the colour. Nice swishiness though.

    1. Oh that makes a lot more sense, thank you! What kind of fabric is scuba?

    2. It's that weird wetsuit fabric that's sort of padded polyester. Mmmmm, sexy.

    3. I need an immediate report on its swish-ability please.

    4. I think it's quite stiff, which is why all those skirts are sticking out like they're being swished.

    5. Hum, I'm not sure that's swishy enough for me - I'm going to switch my ASOS allegiance to this linen number (in colours and fabrics I understand!).


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