Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tall Girl Treat: At Last! A Lot of Awesome Stuff

It's time! I can feel The Circle of Life thrumming in my ears! No, nothing to do with The Royal Baby™, but that magical time that happens after a few seasons of crap clothing when it all comes up trumps for tall women's clothing. The new Long Tall Sally collection is OBSCENELY GOOD.

There hasn't been much around to tickle my fancy for the last couple of years, so the fact that I ordered over a grand's worth of clothes to try on in case it wasn't in stock - I know. Most of it's going back. I promise. - is a clear indicator of something magical at work. Even the London store is lovely. I last went in a few years ago when it was basically a haven of polyester and disappointment. It's had a fantastic makeover and just reopened this week with the incredibly glamorous manager and style maven Marsha (love her blog) at the helm once again. Simply put, it's a shop you want to go into.

For starters, we have proper trousers in shit-hot patterns and designs that aren't just the usual wide-legged black polyester efforts. There are really wantable, wearable jackets, sexy dresses, excellent boots and did I mention the seriously excellent trousers? I really feel that those need flagging up again.
These 7/8 check trousers (£55) are the bomb. I don't even care if we're not saying the bomb any more, because they take me back to a time when you really could get enthusiastic about clothing and say it was so. I love the length, the check is much less fussy in the flesh - screens do not like check print - and the fit is incredibly flattering on the leg. Top marks.

You know that I feel extremely positive about body con, as long as you suck your stomach in when walking around. This shutter dress (£100) is utterly brilliant. Ridiculously slinky on - the model's one looks a smidge big for her - it is clingy yet demure in all the right ways. Try this on immediately. Also, the blessed joy of sleeves that come all the way to the end of your arms and slightly beyond.
 I tried these check trousers (£60) in a 38" leg by accident - the joy of trying on trousers I actually liked and them being too long was quite immense. I've ordered in some in my correct length, and if they're anything like the ones I tried on in-store, but a bit shorter, I'll be happy as a clam.
 I'm absolutely mad about these jeans (£65), made in a red flocked leopardskin pattern. I've been so wedded to my increasingly decrepit Baxters from years gone by that I never really thought I'd have another set of jeans again. These however are smashing. The pattern is actually really flattering, and where LTS's skinnies used to have a very weird fit, these are great on the leg, with some give around the thighs.
Sosad about the lack of a 'lifestyle' (ie: woman wearing it) picture for this, because these 7/8 snakeskin trousers (£65) look a bit weird on the page. On, however, they are gorgeous; the material is slightly sheeny and feels very luxurious and special.
I finally threw out my cream blazer this summer after 9 years of pretending I could pull it off as a boyfriend jacket when it was in fact a fairly shapeless thing I bought as an emergency graduation accessory from a Durham charity shop. This green boyfriend blazer (£65) too is on my ordered list. I loved it so much that I tried it on a size larger in store, and it was so gorgeous on that I am practically clapping at the prospect of trying on my actual size. I've always avoided double-breasted in the past because of some ancient law saying tall people shouldn't wear them. That is a stupid law that I am cancelling now.
When Laura Ashley went through a phase a year or two ago of covering every possible accessory with horse print, I managed to miss the whole thing. Not this time. This horse print jumper (£48) is blissfully snuggly and has such magnificently long arms that pulling it on is a total joy.
Pro tip about these otherwise drool-worth suede ankle boots (which go up to a 45). They come up incredibly small. I tried on a 43, aka a 9, and it felt very much more like an 8, so do go up a size. They're also an investment for party shoes, as they're a) £120 and b) made of the aforementioned suede, one of the world's most un-Britain-friendly fabrics. That said, they are utterly gorgeous, and I can't wait to try some on in my actual size.
If I weren't still waiting to try on the suede boots in a bigger size, I would have snapped up these buckle ankle boots (£70) in a flash. They're made of leather, are really sturdy without being ungorgeous, and come low enough on the ankle that you can wear them quite happily with skirts and dresses without feeling like you've turned your legs into extended sausage rolls. They're incredibly good quality for £70 and my 9 fit beautifully. I'd probably give them a good polish and shine, as they're not the shiniest of leather.
I've ordered in a pair of these leather zip back boots (£180) as my beloved DUO over the knee boots have been repaired and repaired to death - top tip for tall girls, they're the only sort that actually come right under your knee. Good heel height for endless walking around, no annoying side zips to snag on your tights, and just rather handsome. That ankle also looks nicely fitted. I loathe a baggy boot.

Right, so that's my little pick from the new collection. There's absolutely loads more in, so go and have a look. Long Tall Sally is back on track again, and it's tremendous news for all of us!


  1. Brilliant and shopping-inducing post. OBVS share all feelings on LTS of yore, particularly the polyester and the weird-fitting skinnies. Have fallen in love with all the boots already and am opening their website in another browser as I type (with my mysterious second pair of typing hands......?)

    1. The snakeskin ones have your name on them. I would really recommend going for a little troll around the shop, miles away as it is. They have all the really lovely things in right now. There's also a picture of an extremely tempting red cable knit jumper on the wall that I would like to know more about.

  2. Well I got the the catalogue yesterday and you've picked out almost everything that caught my eye to, esp the boots and blazer. But you've sold me that horse print jumper to with the fact the sleeves are long enough ;-)

    1. Hurray! Great minds think alive. I've basically managed to trick myself into thinking that it doesn't matter if sleeves aren't quite long enough, but trying this one on completely proved the opposite. Absolute dream.

  3. I can see you in all of this stuff, but the first pair of trousers almost certainly have your name sewed into the back of them already. (Probably.)

    1. THEY SO DO. I'm annoyingly between sizes at the moment, so have plans to just pie-up and get into them perfectly.



    I haven't been this in lust with a pair of trousers for years. I wish they hadn't closed my Winchester store, I shall have to hold on for a trip up to London. Is it big, the one in London? It's that or Guildford, or maybe Reading... I don't want to go all that way and discover it's tiny! Otherwise my postie will get a hernia!

  5. My catalogue dropped through the door yesterday and I have read it obsessively ever since. I have next to no money, but there are SO MANY LOVELY THINGS AAARRRGH. The blazers are particularly gorgeous in this catalogue and I am eyeing up that lovely green one myself :)

    1. Creaky! Ah, the tiny Winchester cupboard (may it rest in peace).

      The London one is MASSIVE. I went back this morning to try on yet more stuff I'd ordered and discovered a floor I didn't even know was there. Also, there really isn't any need to buy stuff to try on as the store has got loads in, and you can always ring up and ask them to put something aside. Learn from my silly forking out example!

      Miriam, my catalogue still hasn't come! I wonder if they've forgotten me. Sosad. And yes, the blazers are great - that green one came home with me today as it is ludicrously flattering.

  6. I'm so sad. The first time in YEARS Long Tall Sally has done magnificently and I'm sans job and sans money! Gutted!!


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