Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Abigail Ahern for less at Debenhams

Abigail Ahern has long been one of my home decorating heroes. Her style is bold, fearless and bold and a fantastic alternative to the world of taupe (if you like taupe, you should probably stop reading now). I've lost count of the enthusiastic responses a mention of her A Girl's Guide to Decorating book has elicited, from women and men alike. She has a pretty fabulous online shop too but, with prices going into the hundreds and even the thousands, I try not to look too much for fear of heartbreak.

This is where high street collaborations become the most wonderful things. I would have never put her at Debenhams but there she is, in the form of Abigail Ahern for Edition. Her ridiculously brilliant things are now available at ridiculously wonderful prices.

It's something of a greatest hits collection. Remember her bulldog lamp? In the Abigail Ahern shop, it's a princely £275. This grey dog lamp, while obviously lacking some of the finesse of the original model, is a much more wallet friendly £85 (as is the Penguin featured at the top of the post).

Or do you remember the Moss Scottie dog? While sadly Debenhams are yet to knock up a budget one of those, the scottie does appear in this collection, in the form of this wall hook, available for just £8.

It's not all animal antics. There are also some good basics for adding a touch of fanciful to your home, like picture frames and candles. The scroll mirror above is perfect for a baroque n roll interior, though it's the most expensive item in the collection at £120 (though watch this collection carefully, it definitely won't be to everyone's taste and therefore will probably will end up as brilliant sales bargains - Laura B will be on the look out).

Buy this red velvet candle holder now with glee and guilt free at £28. Who would have ever thought you needed a red velvet candle holder in your life? No-one. And that's what makes this whole collection so exciting - it's nothing you need, but all kinds of things you want, all at very good prices.


  1. Debenhams is doing SO WELL at the moment! I love this.

  2. I right bloody love you all at DS, really I do and so I hope you take this comment very much in the spirit of tough love - that schnauzer (grey dog) lamp is hideous!

    Even owning a half mini schnauzer half bichon frise puppy (Kenny Rogers, best dog EVAH!) and being a sappy ole sentimentalist for anything remotely dog shaped AND a reputation for shall we say, a "fine appreciation for all things kitch & quirky" cannot temper my dismay and horror.

    No my loves, just no*.

    *No comment whatsoever on the quality of the piece in question which I am sure is of the highest order.

    1. You might not like her work personally, but she's one of the most popular designers in the UK for a reason!

  3. I was just waiting for someone to violently dislike the range - I can see why you might, but personally I love it. Better some fierce love/hate than indifference in my book!

    The bulldog lamp from Abigail's own collection aroused similar amounts of love/hate when we posted it a couple of years ago: http://www.domesticsluttery.com/2011/01/cute-or-creepy-abigail-ahern-bulldog.html

  4. I know Siany - hence it was ventured as a tongue-firmly-in-cheek opinion rather than a "RUBBBBBISH BOOOO!".

    I like her work, I like the mirror, I like the coat peg. Im not slating independent designers or this one in particular. Just that lamp.

    1. I think her designs work better when they're a little fancier - they lose a little something in this range. The designs don't seem quite as strong as the main collection to me. If you're going to have a dog with a lamp stuck in his head, then it needs to be pretty kick-ass design.

  5. Yeah that dog lamp is hideous and looks a lot cheaper than £85. The bulldog one is much nicer.


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