Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cool or creepy? Emilie Morris

There's something about the juxtaposition of sinister and delicate that I go nuts for. It's mesmerising. Something that wouldn't necessarily be seen as beautiful takes on a whole different form, and something traditionally beautiful is given a more unusual edge.

Emilie Morris is my latest sinister jewellery crush (she can have a seat next to Rachel Boston and Tessa Metcalf).

Can I interest you in a rat skull necklace?

This is a silver bracelet made from the cast of a cat jaw. I'll level with you: even this is a little too creepy for me. Maybe because of this cute li'l guy.

Let's move on from cat skulls. He's giving me a funny look as a type.

How about a turkey skull necklace. This is a whopping £800 but I have no strong feelings towards turkey. Not even at Christmas.

You need to see this rat jaw ring from the front.

It's amazing. That's a really dark piece of jewellery. I know that Emilie's pieces won't be to everyone's taste, but the range of silver and gold jewellery is so striking. Price for the unusual range start at £128.


  1. Personally I think these are awesome, but then I do err on the side of the macabre...

    1. I love them. I think it's a huge talent to make such a dark jewellery range so beautiful.

  2. Take a look at Mortiis.M her skull jewellery is amazing! Everything handmade (and vegetarian!) every piece unique and not one thing over £25. I have the Guardian Owl skull necklace and whenever I wear it I get loads of compliments.


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