Thursday, 29 August 2013

New coats that are too cool for school

As Kat wrote yesterday, it's that joyous time of year when we get to look at lovely shiny new stuff with that whole back to school feeling. Definitely top of my new term list is a brand new coat. I normally get a bit depressed when looking at coats because they're a) usually in very dull colours and b) very expensive. Well, extra joy this year because there seems to be loads of designs available in colours that your teachers might not have full approved of. And - while a nice coat is never going to be your cheapest purchase - these all cost less than £150. In fact, four of them are under £100.

The Red Bow coat above is the cheapest of the lot, available from Miss Selfridge for £79. It's a delightfully prim and proper design that will go perfectly with your new pencil case and satchel.

Another appetising alternative to the usual black and grey and navy designs is Zara's short pink woollen overcoat. Who says pastels have to be for summer only? Zara are one of my coat heroes this year - I also love this tomato red number and their hooded wool coat. You can think pink, however, for £79.99.

Boden also have some brilliant designs in stock. I'm weirdly snobby about Boden - in that I think I might actually turn into a grown-up the moment I buy something from them. Shame because their 1950s jacket would look amazing against autumnal colours, and how fab are those decorative buttons? This is the most expensive design at £149. Their Mia coat, and for a little more money, their Soho coat are ridiculously tempting too.

For something a little less grown-up, a duffel coat is worthy of the chicest of school girls. This design by Cooperative has a toasty looking shearing collar too. It's £98 from Urban Outfitters.

Sian featured a gorgeous huge-collared coat from Joy in one of her recent Friday wishlists. This Oasis two-tone drape coat is a cheaper alternative at £98. It's so swishly stylish, I'll even forgive its grey colour scheme (it's also available in 'natural).

This Topsham coat from Fever is apparently inspired by rural romance. I grew up in Lincolnshire and, let me tell you, my countryside love affairs were never anywhere near as thrilling as this design. It costs £119 and is available in a great range of colours, from petrol blue to port. I've picked it out in the Racing Green, as I think it'll look just superb on Kat. Especially when worn with a squirrel jumper. Roll on the delights of autumn.


  1. After spying the hooded wool coat from Zara I immediately when out and bought it after work yesterday! Now just waiting for the weather to turn cold enough...

    1. Excellent work! Wearing new autumn clothes is the best thing about the weather getting colder.

  2. I really like that red coat with the bows, but I'm not sure if it's the right colour for me.

    1. I'm not sure about the colour but the shape would look brilliant on you.


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