Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Etsy Pick: Pamela Barsky Purses


I've completely fallen in love with Pamela Barsky's Etsy store, so please forgive me the fact that she's in Uhmerrca in the States - in vain have I strived to find a stockist on these shores, but it is not to be.

Basically, these are just lovely, lovely cotton purses that will you 50 per cent more content. They're all $15, which is £10.64, and shipping is £3.87. This mascara emergency purse has been making me giggle for a week. I've kept it in my phone browser for moments of cheer.

Acknowledge the truth. Acknowledge it to yourself. Preferably with this bag.

This one was pretty much invented for our Sian.

Ooh, important things are afoot. Or rather, a-bag.  Yeah, like mascara, make-up and my Oyster card. Job done!

I absolutely adore this one! It makes me think of the Advanced Style ladies, despite the fact that they are all full of grace - they're just vibrant and also full of turbans. Bring it on, my old age.

Alright, pretty much all of these are wonderful. Know anyone dramatic?

I don't actually know any annoying vegetarians - how lucky am I! - but this bag makes me chuckle anyway.

And so you should!

Start those plans today. Or maybe one weekend morning when you're in bed with the papers and a massive coffee.



  1. *looks down at comfy flats*

    I always wear sensible shoes!

    1. You do, but only through physical necessity. You are the most spiritual lover of ridiculous shoes of anyone I know.

    2. Oh it's so true. My spirit self wishes to be in T-bar high heels today.

  2. I always wanted to be someone with a handbag where everything is neatly organised into separate pouches. These might help realise that dream, and make me smile too! Awesome.

    Speaking of aging gracefully- did you see the 'Fabulous Fashionistas' documentary last night? It was brilliant and totally inspiring. Quite looking forward to old age now.

    1. Wasn't it wonderful? Those women were all so awesome.

  3. I love love love these! I've just bought the sensible shoes one for my friend for Christmas...the postage was quite a bit more than £3.87 though as I think it roughly works out as about $12, or about £8! She'd better like it now, lol! :-D

    1. It's rather odd getting an email saying "Sian has left a comment..." Hello Sian!

      I'm sure she'll love the present! (Which one did you go for?)

  4. Lol, hi Sian! I went for the "I'll never wear sensible shoes" purse...she routinely wears 5 inch heels to teach all day! That's dedication :-)


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