Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday Wishlist: Gorgeous Things You'll Want To Buy RIGHT NOW

The perfect dress. £49 from Joy. It has covered buttons all down the back!

The perfect deco earrings. £12 from Accessorize.

The perfect rhino dish (honestly haven't seen another one). £20 from Luna & Curious.

The perfect strappy sandals. £39.99 from Zara.

The perfect lampshade. £42.32 from Concrete Design on Etsy.

The perfect pineapple mug. £20 by Bianca Hall from Rockett St George.


  1. I saw that dress in Joy's window yesterday and went a bit weak at the knees. And it has covered buttons down the back? Pass me the smelling salts!

    1. A dress worthy of swooning over, I think!

    2. My housemate actually has the same dress in coral (which I sort of ruined a little bit, the was an accident with a badge and a sharp pin), it's such a lovely dress. I wasn't totally sold on the coral colour on me, but this one is me all over.

      What is it about covered buttons?

  2. Oh I want to buy that whole outfit! Think it would look lovely together as a classy look for work meetings. But must resist spending more money...

    1. It would be a perfect outfit! It wasn't intentional, but now it's laid out so helpfully...


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