Thursday, 12 September 2013

Plus Size Picks: Jackets to keep off the chill

You know those people who get all excited when the temperature drops and they can start wearing 'toasty knits' and 'comfy cardis'? Yeah, I'm not those people. My optimum temperature is 'nice'. Not boiling (I'm pale) but the kind of weather that means you can bare your arms and legs without quickly getting covered in goose pimples. This new colder weather is not for me, and the only consolation is that I can use it as an excuse to buy nice new jackets to help keep me warm. Here are five fab finds in plus sizes that'll take you through this miserable in-between weather until it's time to whip out the winter coat.

A lace biker jacket? Why not? Magazines would describe this as something like 'tough romance', because it combines a girlie fabric with a more masculine cut. I love it because it would work just as well with a smart work dress as it would with jeans. It's pricey at £75 (sizes 14 - 28 at Evans), but I always find it's the more luxurious jackets that get worn the most...and this is a better bet than something covered in beads or sequins (they always, always fall off).

If you like to try out new trends, this Autumn is full of sportswear references, particularly US sports like basketball and baseball. This bomber jacket from Forever 21+ (£29.75 up to size 3X) has jersey sleeves for a bit of a sporty touch (Alexander Wang was the catwalk king of this look), and is a good option if your looks is more casual and laid-back than a lace biker! Push up the sleeves and add loads of bracelets to complete the look.

Another bomber jacket (we just can't escape them this season) and a bit more of a feminine take with a mirror print design from Simply Be (£35, size 12 - 32). The key with a bomber jacket is not to buy it too tight - buy a size up if need be so the elastic around the bottom isn't too tight, and wear it unzipped if you're a bit belly-conscious.

Jackets don't have to be cropped at the waist. If you prefer something a little longer, this simple shape from ASOS Curve (£85, sizes 18 - 28) is great. The red check offers a great way to brighten up all the black you have in your wardrobe (don't deny it...) and the little design details like the notched front and flat pockets give it a fashion edge. Add a skinny black belt to cinch at the waist if you're not sure of the straight shape.

Finally, for lovers of denim who need to graduate past the denim jacket, this great speckle printed blazer is definitely the way forward. It's a bargain at £27.99 from New Look Inspire (sizes 18 - 28) and while the obvious plan is to team it with jeans, I think it would look just as great with a pencil skirt, a calf-length 50s style full skirt, or leather-look leggings (if you dare). A topknot is optional...but recommended!


  1. These are all pretty rank for plus sizes- all a miss from me!

    1. Hi Bonni, I try to mix it up from post to post when it comes to styles, trends and so on - what kind of thing would you like to see?

  2. More classic jackets for autumn/winter- these seem to be too trendy and in the case of the check jacket just hideous! I love your usual articles though but so disappointed with these!

    1. Aaaah, the check jacket was really popular on Twitter!


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