Monday, 7 October 2013

Autumn's Best Animal Jumpers

Our Kat managed to put her finger right on the pulse of fashion when, back in August, she asked, "Do you have any knitwear items with animals plastered all over them?". Because apparently, according to the great god of the high street at least, you really should have. A jumper can barely be considered a jumper at the moment unless it has an animal on it. Kat showed us Marks & Spencer's offering (so that's pandas, squirrels, raccoons and Boston terriers covered), but why leave it at that when you could have a penguin, a rabbit or a couple of sheep across your chest too?

Or, of course, a fox. The rather handsome fellow at the top of the post comes courtesy of French Connection, and is available for £65 (A Wear at ASOS also have a slightly cheaper vulpine number available for £38). You don't need me to tell you how foxy you'll look in it.

Oh yes. Because aside from warmth and cuteness, these jumpers provide endless opportunities for weak animal-related jokes. Want to pick up a penguin? You'll need this Glacier pullover, an icy but pricey £98 from Anthropologie.

Buy this bunny jumper and now and wear it all the way through to Easter (do remember to wash it a couple of times in between though). Hop over to Topshop to pick one up for £45. Dorothy Perkins's Bear jumper has very similar look and is just £28.

Bella Freud has done a rather lovely range for Barbour which includes this lamb jumper. It manages to pull off being both cute and sophisticated at the same time - at a price, however. It's the most expensive of the lot, at £99.95 from ASOS.

Oh deer! The foal on Louche's Babianne deer jumper is just adorable, with the green of the jumper makes it perfect for wearing on woodland frolics. It's available for £45 from Joy.

And, finally, Topshop have proved to be top dog with their knitted boxer jumper, available for £38. With its cosy red colour and added bling collar, it'll do you through to festive jumper season too.


  1. I thought I'd be all about the deer jumper, but the bunny one is my favourite! Well, it will be until I throw tea down it.

    1. Bunnies come in brown and white, as well as white handily for tea-related incidents.

  2. Saw this at the weekend, and thought of you...

    1. Thanks Hannah! I've just pinned it to our 'Animals of Farthing Wood' inspired pinterest board. Look here!


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