Thursday, 24 October 2013

Awesome Zara Costume Jewellery

I'm on holiday this week celebrating my dad's birthday (happy birthday Papa Brown!). As birthday goes it's a fairly awesomely significant one, and at the party I celebrated it in the best possible way, which is with a piece of jewellery the size of my head.

I never usually go into Zara as it always seems to be for tiny twigs, but I was lured in by the amazing tartan trousers I'd seen in Style, and was then entirely distracted by the gorgeous necklace I kept seeing styled on jumpers around the store.

Reader, I bought it. I loved it. I may be buried in it. It's called the pearls and chains necklace and it's £19.99.

Or perhaps you'd like the slightly more hardcore version? It's also £19.99, but comes with pins and twinkly things (technical definition).

This rhinestone necklace is utterly enchanting. Straight out of the V&A. I love the twinkling stones and the colours and, well, basically everything about it. Top marks. It's £29.99.


Pearls are my favourite. Fake diamonds and crystals are not, and yet here I am being wildly convinced by Zara's crystal jewellery. This necklace is £19.99 and rather swoon-making.

Simple and utterly devastating: these glass earrings are £12.99 which is a bit ridiculous.

This pack of two rings is a beauty. Lovely clean design that looks far more expensive than the £9.99 price tag. I'll have the left one please, you can have the right one. That sounds fair, right?


  1. Adds 'Pearls & Chains' to birthday list.

  2. The collections of these jeweleries are very nice and beautiful. I like those Crystal Necklace collections. Thanks for sharing.


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