Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Wonder Walls: Deborah Bowness Standards Collection

I've had a design crush on Deborah Bowness ever since Siany featured her frock wallpaper many years ago now. However, her prices - at close to £200 - always meant she was out of my league. That's until she lowered her standards. Well, not quite. Her new Standards range includes wallpaper designs that are every bit as distinctive and divine but, because they are machine-printed rather than made by hand, are that bit more affordable. Be still my beating heart.

If only I hadn't already wallpapered every spare inch of my flat, this border of preloved and battered suitcases would have looked wonderful going around the top of my bedroom. 

In fact, something like this (and my bedroom is absolutely as immaculate as this press shot, promise). The paper is priced at £69 a roll. Not a bargain, but within the realms of possibility for a very special bit of wallpaper you fall madly in love with. 

I confess I'm close to falling for this coffee pot border which is £49 a roll. It would be perfect for a kitchen wall. Anyone got a spare one they can lend me?

I fully expect to see this glass tableware paper cropping up in swanky bars and eateries very soon. It's stunning and the only form of crystalware I probably could trust myself not to break. I hope not anyway, as it's £129 a roll.

Romantic types are likely to get a bit swoony over Deborah's caravan postcards wallpaper. I'd love to use these beautiful ladies to prettify a plain cupboard. Another of the designs has a similar feel but instead is inspired by vintage stamps.

Or for something very simple, there's something very lovely about her tile designs - papers replicating types of tiles from those found on the Underground to examples from Hong Kong. These New Cross border tiles are a lot closer to home, and would look gorgeous on an otherwise unadorned wall. It's available in white or grey for £39 a roll and I'll be very jealous if you buy some.


  1. I think I've seen the tiles the New Cross border tiles are based on. That means I should buy the paper right?

  2. I looked at the coffee pot border and thought you'd be tempted!

    1. You know me so well. It's gorgeous. I think if I had to get one it would be the suitcases though - I love how they look in the bedroom.

      Do you have a favourite? I thought you might like the glassware.

    2. No, I sort of hate the glassware (although the glasses look nice). It looks a little wannabe gastropubby.

      But I love the tiles and the suitcases.

    3. You surprise me but, yes, those tiles and the suitcases. Perfect!

  3. I love the suitcases :-) Do you think I can get away with them for the hallway just to remind us to take breaks!

    1. They would look brilliant running around the top of your hallway! Though a strip of the New Cross tiles would look fab running up the wall too.


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