Thursday, 28 November 2013

Digital Dudz: Christmas Jumpers That MOVE


For the last month I've been mentally crossing off days until December 1st, when I can put carols on Spotify and don my Christmas jumper which this year has lights built into it. Touch me.

Christmas jumpers are just fantastic. Whether they're undercover classy Fair Isle knits, or full-out festive hideousness, they never fail to make me extremely happy, and look forward to Christmas even more.

And now there is this development in the field of Christmas knitwear from the amazing Digital Dudz (terrible name, brilliant idea). MOVING JUMPERS. Specifically, moving jumpers designed by an ex-Nasa scientist specifically for "total ugly Christmas sweater party domination". *claps excitedly* God, scientists are smashing.

Just look at it. Bloody brilliant.

This witchcraft happens courtesy of your phone. Download the Digital Dudz iPhone or Android app and pick the right setting for your top (or the wrong one. Cat's eyes peering out of a fireplace = festively terrifying.). Each jumper or sweater has a little pouch that fits your phone. Switch the app on, add phone - bam.

Not moving (boring)

Moving. Hooray! 

The Snowing Snowglobe is slightly more subtle than the others and the potential for seriously tripping out drunks is therefore greatly multiplied. Excellent.

Caroling Kitty is inspired by the very best-worst present that any of my friends have ever got: the Jingle Cats CD, which I highly recommend you investigate. And then probably cry somewhere.

Singing! This would scare the hell out of my cat. And me. And pretty much everyone I walk past. But the scariest one of all is...




The Creepy Creeping Santa jumper is, like all the Digital Dudz jumpers, £34.95 from morphsuits. Dominate that Christmas party!


  1. Oh god. The Santa! I can't not look at him and his terrifying eyes.

  2. I have already bought my Christmas jumper for this year! Why did break so early?! I want the singing kitty now (wah)


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