Friday, 15 November 2013

Friday Wishlist: Gorgeous things you'll want to buy RIGHT NOW

The perfect dress. £95 from & Other Stories.

The perfect skull print. £40 from Rockett St George.

The perfect giraffe plates. £35.77 from Yvonne Ellen.

The perfect chandelier earrings. £14 from Accessorize.

The perfect cushion. £22.50 (or £15 for just the cover) from Tate.

The perfect shoes. £42.30 from Miss Selfridge.


  1. I have the cushion, and another design from the same set. Perfect for our modern apartment.

    1. I actually got the cushion as a birthday present last week, and then bought the other Whaam! cushion the next day. Love them both.

  2. Wow, I'm so in love with those giraffe plates. I'm certainly going to try and fit those into our kitchen somehow...

    1. They're fab, aren't they? Such a simple idea, but I'll never stop enjoying surprise giraffes.

  3. Love the shoes! i've been looking for heels to go my work party dress for ages and these are perfect - less summery than strappy sandals but more interesting and chic than courts


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