Wednesday, 18 December 2013

15 Amazing Christmas Party Shoes

Last week I showed you 15 fabulous party dresses and you'll need some shoes to go with them. Kat's already shown you some great party shoes for sizes 9-11. The order of the day here is as much glitter, sparkle and festive bits than we can get away with. It's Christmas, I'm a step away from covering myself in tinsel and you can't stop me.

It's not Christmas without a pair of red shoes. How great is the gold heel on these platforms? They're £45 but only available in size 3 and 6 - hurry!

Oh these glittery rose pumps from & Other Stories are such a beautiful colour. They're £55 and that's a small price to pay for party shoes that will keep your toes warm.

Proper partying is so much easier in flats. These sparkly ballerinas are £39.99 from Zara. Don't come crying to me when you drink all the mulled wine and fall on your ass because you were pretending to be in Swan Lake.

I've been coveting these Kat Maconie Mary Janes for weeks now. They're £195 from Plumo and no matter how hard I cross my fingers they haven't landed in the sale yet. The second they do, they're all mine.

While we're on the subject of beautiful and expensive party shoes, these are £138 from Anthropologie and go up to a size 8.

Our fashionable writer Gemma actually has these jewelled heel shoes and I'm mega jealous of them because I dilly-dallyed and now they're only available in a size 3. If you've got £45 and little feet, head to ASOS.

Nothing says Christmas like festive spikes. They're in the sale and they're £49 from Kurt Geiger.

Oh hello ridiculous platforms and sparkly bits. You can stay. These are from Aldo and they're in the sale at £38.49. They come in gold as well.

Christmas brogues! These are £60 from Shellys and will be the best dancing shoes that you ever buy.

These glittery platform shoes are from Shelly's as well. Yep, we've featured them before. Yep, I still think they're bloody lovely.

If you want something festive and flat, these jewelled ballet shoes are perfect. They're £50 from Office and go up to a size nine.

I'm going to have to fight some of team Sluttery for these glitter shoes (yes, Sara and Laura B, I'm looking at you). They're also from Office and they're £52. They start at a size 3, good work Office.

I really like the gold embellishment on these boots. They're £55 from Dorothy Perkins. They're stealth party boots. Just kick people in the face if they don't notice your party feet. That's Christmassy.

Oh, Karen Millen. I do love these black crystal shoes. I don't like that they're £250. Go sit in the corner.

The heels! They're so brilliant. They're definite party shoes without going completely over the top. They're £55 from Topshop and I want them on my feet. I'll get taxis everywhere, it'll be fine.

What festive shoes are you wearing on your feet at the moment? Show me, dazzle me with your sparkles!


  1. Oooh pretty shoes! Particularly liking the & Other Stories ones and the flat glittery Mary Janes :)

    1. The ones from & Other Stories are so lovely. They're such a gorgeous colour.

  2. *pushes everyone out of the way* The Office glitter shoes are MINE.

    1. Your feet deserve these, Sara. And you have to beat Laura B to them.

  3. I've got the Topshop Juniper glitter heels in green and they're totally gorgeous!

    1. They're so lovely. I think they featured in a wishlist a while back.

  4. I bought these brogues in the Clarks sale the other day: The picture on the website doesn't do them justice at all - they're sort of dark grey suede with a sparkly silver glitter through it. Very festive without looking like you've stood in a bucket of glitter

    1. I love them! (I also like looking like I've stood in a bucket of glitter.)

    2. True, there are definitely some occasions that call for buckets of glitter :)


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