Thursday, 19 December 2013

Deck The Halls with the Best Christmas Decorations

I hope you are all now merrily decking your halls and trimming your trees. What do you mean you're hungover and desperately trying to answer a year's worth of emails in an afternoon?! If you haven't quite got time at the moment for full-on tra-la-la-la-ing, here are some quick fixes to festiving up your home. But - be quick and make space in that emailing schedule - last delivery dates for getting these in time for Christmas for lots of these are tomorrow, with a couple today!

You've got your baubles, yes? But have you got a lovely shiny glass ball wreath yet? Do, it's the jolliest thing I've seen so far this Christmas. It's £59 from The Hambledon, who also sell a worthy cheaper alternative in the form of a shining star wreath. Liberty, meanwhile, have a gorgeous glitter ivy number (*order by 1pm today for delivery in time for Christmas*).

I'm all about the baubles this year, clearly. Rockett St George's bauble garland is a great alternative to pound shop tinsel. And good things come to those who don't get their arses in gear and buy their Christmas decorations in advance wait, as it's already in the sale - half price at £13.

Graham and Green have got some things on sale too, including these old school vintage paper baubles. Prices start at £3.15 for the smaller one. Paper decorations really seem to be making a come back - there are loads about. Not many as charming as this honeycomb snowman however.

Fondness for random Christmas-related trinkets? Excellent. You'll surely love these silver trees from Rockett St George from £11. Muji have a felt tree for only £7.95 (as well as a Christmas tree cupcake stand - why not try these on it?).

Or you could get an actual tree! This table top Christmas tree requires minimal fuss while maximising happy Christmas feelings. Extra happy in this case, as it's selling for half price at £30 from Cox & Cox (*you've got until noon today to order or your Christmas table top will be treeless*).

More stuff for your table (where is all the food going to go? It's quite concerning) in the form of these woodland owl decorations, a fiver for a set from John Lewis. Don't forget the penguin equivalents too!

No small children to let wild with your white paper and scissors? Fear not, you can still have snowflakes for your windows. Hus & Hem sell a very pretty selection of washi tape snowflakes for £8.95 each.

This set of nativity nesting dolls is the coolest, cheeriest nativity scene I've seen for many, many Christmases. It's from Lagom and costs £18.20 (*I think their last order day must be today - confusingly it says Thursday 16th December on the website*).

And to add to the Christmas madness, why not try throwing in a mini festive deer? This lovely fellow is £17 from Bouf. Or this Christmas snow globe is rather charming too. The main thing about Christmas decorating is just to go for it - when else can you get away with adding minature deers, owls and trees to your dining table seem a good idea? Have fun. And may all your Christmas decorating be bright.


  1. That bauble wreath is lovely. Usually they look like someone stuck them together with a bit of PVC glue.

    1. The elves have been extra careful with their gluing technique this year...

  2. That deer! I want to stroke it!

    1. It's adorable isn't it? When I first saw it I was hoping it would be real size, or at least dog sized... Still maybe not so convenient for your enhancing your Christmas table then...

  3. Where's Joseph in the nativity set? Or alternatively - why has Joseph stolen a sheep and shepherd's crook?

    1. I think it is meant to be a shepherd and Joseph doesn't get a show in the set - poor Joseph.


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