Thursday, 30 January 2014

Everybody Yog-hurts: The Collective Dairy

I've finally got to the stage of marathon training where I am thinking about what I should be eating. Protein! Good carbs! Not going to McDonald's all the time, whatever the Olympics say.

A surprisingly excellent source of protein is yoghurt, with the advantage of also tasting delicious. (I am still in mourning for the french-set lemon ones of my youth, so if you see any, please holler!) My friend Amy is a total obsessive and writes the For The Love Of Yoghurt blog. Last year, my attention was caught by her ecstatic write-up of Kiwi yoghurt company The Collective Dairy, specifically their Blood Orange flavour, and again with their Christmas pudding variety, which I tried late last year.

It's bloody good yoghurt. It might be Kiwi recipes, but they're all made in Somerset with West Country milk, honey and British ingredients where possible (and free-range eggs for the sauce in their rather delicious-looking lemon one). Well done them. That limited edition Christmas Pud one came in a massive pot which I still managed to consume in one well-spiced sitting - layers of lovely rich sauce, plump juicy sultanas, and all topped off with really good yoghurt. Not that I've been thinking about it since, or anything, because that would obviously be weird. Ahem.

Amy and I were both sent a box of yoghurts to try, which worked out extremely well for Amy, whose screams of lactose-related joy echoed over the horizons of south east London, and for me, because one of the flavours was Raspberry and Amaretto! OMG! Again, lovely thick yoghurt with a sweeping curve of delicious sauce. I would clearly add another slug of amaretto, but that's just because I have amaretto separation anxiety. I also loved the original flavour, Sweet Jane, partly because it made me think of my mum (Jane), and partly because I added a load of muesli to it and it tasted banging.

The Collective yoghurt costs £2.39 for 500g and £1 for a 125g pot and the good news is they're on offer at Waitrose/Ocado until 10 February so you can try loads.


  1. I keep seeing them in the supermarket and then not buying them because I have a quite rampant addiction to Strawberry Mullerice. Am I doing it wrong?

    1. Ooh! Ooh! Get one of the big pots, and then curl up under a blanket with Being Erica on Netflix and INHALE IT. (But then I can't bloody stand rice pudding)

    2. And I can't stand Being Erica...

    3. I KNEW I should have picked something less divisive. How do you feel about Ru Paul's Drag Race?

    4. There's the winner. Yoghurt and TV party!

  2. It's a January dream come true!

  3. They are all wonderful - especially the Russian Fudge, even my husband loves that.
    And thanks to the tub I know now that Russian Fudge is what New Zealanders call tablet.

    So this is TABLET YOGHURT! How amazing is that?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Have all the supermarkets stopped selling French Set yoghurts for definite? (they deserve capitalising). If so I am inconsolable, I've been looking for them for ages because I usually buy them and haven't been able to find them for ages! I was hoping it was just the supermarkets I've been going to.. please tell me it isn't so.. :(


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