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The UK's Best Independent Clothing Brands

The team at Domestic Sluttery get very excited about independent fashion brands, especially the ones on our own shores. We've uncovered loads of them over the years so here's a brilliant list of them, in dress form. If it's one thing these indie clothing brands excel at, it's an excellent dress. Basically, we've compiled your perfect shopping list.

Louche are always going to be top of our indie list. Half of team Sluttery live in Joy and their own brand is full of cute and flirty pieces that we love. Dresses start around £50 and very rarely go over the £75 mark.

While not all of the Little Mistress collection appeals to me (probably because I'm over 30), the Paper Dolls range is really lovely - all lace touches and fitted dresses. Prices start at £50.

Alice's Pig was actually a very recent discovery for us, and now we're firm fans. They're based in Brixton and prices start around £40 for a blouse and £60 for a dress.

Lady V London is my go to brand for cute and affordable 50s dresses. Amazingly, prices start at £35 and sizes go up to a 28. They're excellent.

I know some of you will be die hard Vivien of Holloway fans and we love this range as well. The red polka dot dress is a classic. Take a look at Limb Clothing if you're a fan of this look and want even more 50s styles.

Darling can be a bit hit and miss. But when they're good, they're very very good (this is an example of them being very very good, but let's put that gorgeous model in some prettier shoes). Dresses are around fifty quid.

Our love of Miss Patina is no secret. The range hits the mark between smart and girly, which means we can - excuse me, Glamour Magazine moment - head straight from office to bar with ease. (That is really useful otherwise you're left carrying around half your wardrobe and changing in the office loos.) Anyway, everything is beautiful and dresses in the sale like those in the picture are around £43, down from the £60 or so mark.

Lindybop are really coming into their own this year - they've frequently been overshadowed by similar brands but recently their range has expanded and their details improved (the bodice on this dress is divine). The prices have stayed low, though - a dress will set you back just £34.99. They've promised this garden dress will be back in stock soon, we're watching it like a hawk.

You might well be aware of Tara Starlet already - their simple vintage-inspired silhouette is easy to spot. But their new range is a different direction for them and feels very modern. This dress is £110 and I want it so much.

This Animi Janine dress is actually covered in a mermaid print (yes, I was distracted by her crazy earring as well). Quirky prints that no one else is wearing is a big plus for this brand. They're pricey - around £100 - but their sales are good. And they go up to an 'extra large'. I do wish shops would just state the size, it would be much easier for everyone.

The Paisie clothing range is small but perfectly formed. They do pieces that are unexpected and a great range in jewellery. Their new season is all mint and pastels and it looks excellent and much more wearable than their statement winter pieces (I loved those too). Dress are around £60.

Oh, Fever. How do we love thee. All of Fever's dresses are based on vintage designs (and you can buy the vintage originals in the London shop). They're a little pricier, with dresses around £60-80, but they're excellent quality and they're timeless pieces that last seasons.

I'm a huge fan of Dahlia's styling. They're so good at cute and quirky outfits. The kind that needs boots, lots of eyeliner and messy hair (basically how I think it's acceptable to dress every day). Prices are around £60 for a dress and the small/medium/large sizing will continue to bug me.

Nadinoo are a little bit of an exception in this list - their separates are actually a lot prettier than their dresses. Prices for their dressed are around £120-175, but they're all made to order or handmade where possible and that's something we heartily approve of. Oooh look, the model has spotted something in the corner.

Collectif stick to vintage styles and they do it well. Although they're not quite as stand out as some of the other brands on the list, they're affordable and go up to sizes 26. You'll get a new outfit for under fifty quid including postage. For similar, take a look at Dolly Dagger.

Then there's the gorgeous Coco Fennell. If only for the piece of gorgeousness that is their tulip dress. They do some really great collaborations and we're really excited to find out what they've got planned for 2014. One of the pricier brands on the list - short dresses are around £75, the one pictured is £95, but goodness they're made well and they'll last you years.

Bicycles! Emily & Fin tick a lot of my boxes when it comes to their range. You can't buy from them directly, but you can buy from one of our favourite online shops - Kiki's Boutique.

If you want yet more indie brands, there are some gorgeous shops to spend your money in - lots of them bringing our favourite US brands over without us having to deal with customs charges and extortionate postage. This gorgeous dress is from Bettylicious. They have heaps more gorgeous things.

Miss Bamboo always have some gorgeous pieces from the US in stock (although you have to be quick to get your mits on their honey dress). Prices depend on which brand you're buying, but understandably you won't get much change from £80.

I'm such a fan of Sugarhill Boutique. It's the prints. Gramaphones, hot air balloons, little vintage bicycles. They're adorable. They go up to a size 16 and their sales are excellent. Dresses are usually around £55 when they're full price.

If you didn't know better, at a glance you'd think this dress was straight from a film set in the 1930s. That's what 20th Century Foxy specialise in - reproductions from the 1930s and 40s. This gorgeous number is a couple of hundred but prices for day dresses start at £50. Check out Revival Retro for similar - their range is much smaller but their are some gorgeous pieces that you'll want hanging in your wardrobe immediately.

Who are your favourite indie brands and shops? Tell us in the comments so we can make a fabulous list of yearning just in time for payday.


  1. I'm a bit obsessed with Closet Clothing at the moment - not least because of my "cat/houndstooth" frock, which is amazing http://www.closetclothing.co.uk/almari-cat-print-contrast-dress-4921.html

    1. I can't believe I forgot Closet! I have loads of their dresses (actually, some of the DS girls have the same Closet dresses and have to be careful when we go out).

  2. ps. I'm totally bookmarking this page (for payday!)

  3. Fancy doing a similar article for tall girls? I am increasingly finding it a struggle to find dresses that don't make me:

    a) Look like I think I am 16 and flashing my knickers is a thing of delight.

    b) Look like I have three imaginary (but adorable) children, and my clothes are selected for their washability.

    Can the Domestic Sluts help?

    1. Polly have you seen our Tall Girl Treat column? It's every other Wednesday and has all sorts of gorgeous pieces:


  4. And for petites! I love many of these shops but do struggle to find clothes that don't make me look like a great-aunt.

    1. We've actually done a shop guide for petites! It's not all indie, but it also tells you where to find the best ranges on the high street.


  5. Please stop showing lindybop dresses - i want them all but my bank balance says no :( and showing me ones that are out of stock is just cruel!

    1. Usually we'd never show you a dress that was out of stock, but this one is going to be pounced on the second they get more in - we thought you guys deserved fair warning!

  6. I love Animi & Janine blouses collections, Im waiting for my pay day.. :)

  7. Love Louche/Joy but don't find them quite true to size - have ended up stuck with a couple of dresses that don't fit when I've been too busy/disorganised to send them back in time.

    1. Really? I have (quite literally) dozens and they all fit perfectly.

    2. I love Louche dresses too but like Puddlestomper I've had a few problems with the sizing. It seems to depend greatly on the style, which is a little annoying when you don't have a Joy nearby. Always lovely designs though.

  8. I have always been a massive fan of anami and janine wrap dresses.This black mermaid scallop wrap dress is my favourite. Their massive range of wrap dresses collection always make stand out from the crowd. I am very excited to see what the Spring collections have for us.

  9. Thanks so much for the mention, to say thankyou we would like to give you and your readers 10% discount off next (full price, not sale) order at www.missbamboo.co.uk code BAMBOO at checkout :-) x

  10. Half of these are not independent companies. Just sayin'


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