Thursday, 27 February 2014

This Is Awesome: Squirrel Nut Grinder

Yes, this really is a squirrel grinding up your nuts ready for cooking.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! And that last sentence might need rephrasing.

I'm going to call him... Squirrel Nutkill.

(Too late, done it, you can't prevent it. It was inevitable.)

You tilt his head up, fill him full of nuts and then wind his tail to grind them. This is INFINITELY better than my usual tactic of "put nuts in bag, bash them with pestle, cry when nuts invariably break free from bag all over the floor."

The accompanying jar has measurements on so you know how much you're grinding. I might just keep going. Kill, squirrel. KILL.

It's £24.99 from Firebox. Thank you Firebox, for making me smile today.


  1. He is AMAZING. I use ground nuts all the time. Does he only work with nuts? I mean, would his work union let him work with biscuits? I can see him being handy with a buttery biscuit cheesecake base.

    1. You mean like THIS ONE?

      I would crush the hell out of anything with this squirrel. My pestle and mortar would be no longer required (sorry guys)

  2. If he can grind coffee, then I'm sold.

    1. I was thinking this could be a rather funky weed grinder.

  3. I admired this very same squirrel in a shop window a few weeks ago. Sadly the shop was closed so I couldn't go in and find out exactly what it was...but NOW I KNOW!! I don't need one, but I damn well want one!


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