Monday, 17 March 2014

Fancy Bathroom Bits On A Budget

Readers! Last month, I got my bathroom done. Regard the before and after:

Before: dirty protest chic. After: SO FANCY.  I have reluctantly dragged myself from my bath to show you how to fill your bathroom with lovely things.

Labour and Wait have gorgeously packaged bathroom stuff, like this Portuguese face cream. Everything looks like you've inherited it from your very stylish grandmother.

Thanks Alphabet Bags, I AM looking pretty sharp today. Put your daily make-up into this complimentary canvas pouch rather than strewing it all over the sink, you hussy.

"Modesty is the best policy" claim the Men's Society. But they also say they stock the perfect gifts for men, so what do they know? My XX chromosomes adore the simple style and font, so there.

Stock this hangover balm next to your ibuprofen, eye mask and milk thistle. Apply Me promise it will help with nausea and tiredness, thanks to a combination of cocoa butter, avocado butter, lemon, fennel, juniper and cedarwood. Sounds good enough to spread on your toast (do not attempt this with a hangover. Or ever).

Fill this vintage style apothecary jar with cotton wool or flowers or decanted bubble bath. No-one will suspect it's really Matey's when the label claims it's an invigorant for brain and nerves.

Also from Dot Com Gift Shop is this tiny first aid box, just big enough for some paracetamol, plasters, two Berocca and a sachet of Lemsip. There is nothing that can't be cured with them. NOTHING. You can buy a bigger tin or even a whole medicine cabinet in the same style.

Look at these blue headache cure bottles - much fancier than a box of Nurofen. I think I'll do as Pedlars suggests and stick some flowers in mine.

And finally, pop into your local independent chemist. Westbury on Streatham High Road stocks wonderful and mysterious items such as this dog oil. Is it for massaging dogs? It is made from the oil of dogs? I don't dare ask.


  1. The eternal struggle between you and Laura B as to which of you is my spirit animal has just been turned dramatically in your favour. I ADORE all these things, have a million tabs open in my browser, and think the new bathroom is incredibly spiffy, although lacking a Swinton. Gorgeous!

    1. Oh hooray, this is wonderful news! In your FACE, Laura B! Swinton is not keen on the new bathroom, mainly because she can't fit her fat bum in the new smaller sink.

    2. Don't you make Swinton feel bad about her curves.

      *Swinton pours curves into daring new sink*

    3. She claims she's just a Real Cat and I can't handle that.

    4. Yeah, I really shouldn't encourage this kind of favouritism. AND YET I'M GOING TO.

  2. Thanks for featuring our pouch guys! XO

  3. I must have those apothecary bottles, so beautiful!

    " It was originally used for massaging racing dogs, hence the name. It is still used for dogs and horses."
    Safe for people apparently!

  5. I'm in the market for a make-up bag (rooting around in my handbag of rubbish to find my lipstick is getting really boring), if only that one was a little smaller. I'm very tempted.

    1. Got you covered babes.


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