Monday, 14 April 2014

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

What's up today? Well, this dress (and the title of this post) should give you a huge clue. Let's look a little closer...

Rabbits! Yes, today, I'm going hopping mad over rabbits. And, if you can't wear a bunny dress (Note: not a bunny outfit) over Easter, when can you wear one? Actually probably as many times as you'd like when they are as handsome as this Louche Dale rabbit dress, £49 from Joy.

The Easter jumper should definitely be a thing, especially when they come as cute as this bunny knit from The Whitepepper (look at the oh-so-fashionable almost purple carrots too). It's £50.

A slightly more sophisticated way to show the lapin love is this gold rabbit ring by Me & Zena, a mere £16 from ASOS.

Also in the bunny stores at ASOS is this adorable quilt bag, £18. It's like Chanel goes to nursery school (a very good thing in case you have any doubt about that).

This dotty bunny pony is by Katie Hillier, a woman known for her love of the rabbit. It's £35 and it would have camouflaged brilliantly into last week's post on black and white spots. As would have Topshop's polka dot bunny scrunchie, a slightly less money bunny at only £4. Dotty rabbits are apparently very popular in the hare hair world.

If you want a rabbit to cuddle up to, you can't get most cosier than this cushion cover. Or cheaper either: it's only £7.99 from H&M.

Plates are always more fun with animals on them. This colourful rabbit dinner plate is illustrated by the fabulous Nathalie Lete (also the lady behind this rabbit clock) and is £24 from Anthropologie.

Bunnies can be helpful as well as decorative. Take a look at the G'rabbit grinder. He'll help with all seasons, not just spring. Pick one up for £25.95 from Selfridges.

This little rabbit meanwhile doubles up as a herb chopper and mezzaluna board.

Look, you'll swiftly cut through those herbs with his toothy smile. He's £38 from Oliver Bonas.

But I think the prize for the cutest bunny of them all has to go to this ceramic bunny lamp with its light up tail, £60 from Rockett St George. This little rabbit is definitely for life, not just for Easter. 


  1. The light us cute but I adore this MUCH cheaper one from Dotcomgiftshop at only £3.95

    1. That is just ridiculously cute. I don't think I could ever get to sleep if that was my night light, I'd be too busy cooing over it!


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