Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Jacket Up, Jacket In, Let Spring Begin

My favourite thing about spring jackets is that they can be a little bit over the top. A flamboyant winter coat is quite an investment, you have to be in the mood to wear an over-the-top dress. But a spring jacket that's a little too bright and has a lot going on is perfect. Lightweight fabrics and shorter lengths are perfect for any print or colour that your mother would call 'festive' with a raised eyebrow.

If there's one thing Zara can do it's a yellow jacket that'll be on Ebay for twice the price the second it's sold out. They're just very, very good at all things yellow. This one is £89.99.

Here they are being brilliant at yellow and walking in the opposite direction.

Damn, I do love a scalloped hem. Well done, Topshop. Here's what she looks like when she turns around.

Yep, that's an excellent jacket. It's £70. I haven't decided about the matchy matchy thing going on. It might be a little bit too 'going to a wedding' for me.

Here's another example of matchy matchy styling totally buggering up a gorgeous batik jacket. I love this, it's just got absolutely no business trying to be a suit.

Now this is a surprise. I don't usually like River Island. And I really don't often like a peplum. And here are River Island popping a peplum on a leather jacket and making me fall head over heels for it. Impressive.

This ditzy floral jacket is £65 and I'm pretty sure it only works because it's so bright. That's a good enough reason for me. Wear with dark jeans and stripes.

Speaking of stripes, I do like Mango's seersucker striped jacket. And her hair, that's great. Well done, 'trying to get away with wearing a crop top to work' lady. The jacket's only £49.99, go and buy yourself a proper shirt.

My goodness, ASOS. I do so love this embroidered jacket. So much. Here's a close up of the ridiculous clashing:

YUM. Amazingly, it's only £60. Probs won't wear it with leather shorts, if I'm honest but I will wear it with absolutely everything else I own.


  1. I approve of that headline and I approve of all these jackets. *opens wallet, shoos moths out of it*

    1. That embroidered jacket is going to be my 'wrote 50,000 novel words' treat.

  2. Sian, that Joy floral jacket has three-quarter length sleeves. I love everything about it but why the short sleeves? They have no business being on a jacket.

    1. It's so you can wear too many jangly bracelets with it. Does that help?

    2. Sara and cats: both can be distracted with jangly bracelets. Good to know.

  3. Just want to express my deep admiration for the genius headline. Strong work.


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