Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ten Great Spring Dresses

Given that I spent most of yesterday melting, I'm not sure whether it’s spring or summer dresses I should be to you. It's a tough line to tread - most of the time a spring dress is simply your summer one, plus a lighter coat or jacket. So let's just say these are ten pretty and easy to wear dresses that look a lot nicer in the sunshine, than they would in the snow (although I guess you can always add tights...).

Let's start with this Bike Smock dress, because nothing says spring more than bicycle rides and a cutesy pattern. It's such a great pull-it on, forget about it shape too, meaning more time skipping through meadows, less time worrying about chafing. It's £55 from Kiki's Boutique.

Moving on to this Joules number, because nothing says spring more than bicycle rides and a cutesy pattern ... well, you know the score, but this vintage-inspired Creme Cafe print really is adorable. And, brilliantly, it’s a shift-shaped dress that has pockets too. Like the ladies on the pattern, it’s enough to have you jumping for joy. Pick one up for £74.95.

Another of my favourite spring/summer things is everyone dressing as if they are about to set sail on the high seas, even though the furthest afloat they'll probably get is a pedalo in the park. Still, at least you'll look on message in this shipshape sailor collar dress. It's £76.50 from Bettylicious.

No patterns: just a flattering shape and a great colour. This &Other Stories viscose dresses is perfect for occasions when picnics in the park just might tip over into a night on the tiles. It's a very reasonable for something so useful £45.

If the brightest shade of pink isn't your thing (and, god, how I want it to be everyone's 'thing'), Topshop's Poppy pleated dress is a good go anywhere colour and shape too. It's £38 (but disappointingly no poppies in sight).

Fear not, because of course no self-respecting British woman could get dressed for warmer weather without a few florals up, or on her sleeve. French Connection's Sahara Rose ticks both the floral box and the sleeves box therefore meaning you should probably spend £55 on it almost immediately.

While I reckon you could get away with that French Connection dress in the office, this Annie Greenabelle panelled shirt dress is definitely a dress for days of leisurely fun. It's £42 from Topshop. Finish off the look with daisy chains and fruit lolly stains.

At first glance, Alice's Pig's Reality Trip looks like it’s simply a (really pretty) version of the traditional floral tea dress. Look a bit closer and you’ll realise it’s actually two separates designed to be worn together. I won’t tell if you won’t. The set costs £70.

This People Tree dress is proof that lovely spring dresses can still come in actual dress form and in patterns that aren’t florals. I'd swap the bow for a regular belt for every day wear. And then accessorise with a shit load of actual balloons. Obviously. This is £65 (actual balloons sadly not included).

And finally, on a brightest of spring days, what would be more appealing than the crisp cotton of this Candy Stripe dress? This 20th Century Foxy number has a brilliant retro shape that will last you from spring into summer, and for many more years to come. In fact, all that's missing is a pair of matching sunglasses


  1. I love that candy stripe dress so much. I'll be all tits and blonde hair and a candy stripe cliche and that's OK by me.

    1. I think that would be more than okay with the rest of the world too.

  2. Oh, that candy stripe dress is almost exactly the same as a beloved dress I bought years ago and wore to death. This means I have to buy this version, right? :)

    1. Yes! (I'd probably say that anyway, but yes!)

  3. I need the Candy Stripe dress but...it's a blank link for me, and when I look on the site/search 'candy stripe' - nothing. What am I doing wrong? Where is this delicious dress? Woe!

    1. Oh woe indeed - it does seem to have gone from the website. I'll get in contact with them and check if it's just because they are out of stock. Update to follow!

    2. Good news - just heard it's back in stock on a made to order basis. Click away!

    3. Fantastic! Just need to save some pennies now.


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