Tuesday, 24 June 2014

New Notebooks of Note

I'm fully versed in all my high school films, and know that at about this time we should be throwing our notebooks in the air along with our mortarboards in jubilation at the end of term, I've seen so many darn nice notebooks recently I know I'd be clutching onto mine long after the school bell rang for the final time.

I'm clinging to an illusion, as well as a notebook here, as my schooldays are long past me. These notebooks, however, are suitable for proper grown-ups, with proper things to. You know, like having to exclaim 'What the Fuck?' at several points each day. This notebook from 1973 is perfect for those people.

The School of Life sells beautiful 'mood notebooks'. But can a notebook emblazoned with 'Daring' encourage you to be bolder? And will a one called 'Productive' stop you faffing around on Facebook? You'll notice I've chosen to be sceptical.

Also piling the pressure on is Anthony Burrill's Think of a New Idea! notebook. Alright Anthony, let me finish my tea first. Eating cake for breakfast, meanwhile, that's definitely an idea I can get behind.

If you don't like your notebook to be bossy, perhaps you'd like it to be bright. This colourful set of three notebooks comes from Pedlars for £17.95.

This letterpressed, handbound sketch book is definitely the arty choice. It's made by TADA for the Royal Academy so you'll be supporting art by buying it too. It's £12.

Couverture and the Garbstore sell beautifully patterned, beautifully bound A5 notebooks from Papier Tigre for £13 each. But the best bit about them? The space left for your name/title of your amazing novel-to-be on the front of each notebook.

But for serious patterned paper porn, head to Choosing Keeping where they stock such delights as this notebook, produced by illustrator Nathalie l'Été for Astier de Villatte. They're so eager you order yourself the right colour, they only let you order this design over the phone. Yes, really.

They also sell these does-what-it-says-on-the-front notebooks. The notebook: a useful tool for life, and all the good and the shit that goes in it.


  1. I love new notebook days! I never, ever finish a notebook because I get terrified of losing them. I get so worried that I'll leave a nearly-finished notebook in the pub and everything in its pages will be gone that I usually only get 3/4 of the way through before I jump to another one.

    1. Starting a new notebook is the best feeling in the world. I rarely finish a notebook, but I think it's because I'm a notebook addict, always searching for a new hit.

    2. Hardback, ruled, no margins. I'm very particular about those things.

    3. A notebook with no lines has no place in my heart.

  2. It'll be new notebook day at work in a few weeks! They're the only ones I ever finish, as they're dedicated to 'to-do lists' and I can't start a new one until I've finished the last. Ring-bound and lined, please.

    1. When I left my job, I found myself buying the same (ring-bound and lined) notebook for my to-do list at home - I couldn't cope with having it another way!

  3. Great notebooks, I'm such a sucker for stationary!


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