Monday, 21 July 2014

Sarah Louise Jay's stunning necklaces

Sarah Louise Jay calls her necklaces wearable pieces of art, a description that works pretty well for me too. They're not made from expensive metals and jewels, however - their beauty is created from combining intricately cut pieces of wood. They're definitely the kind of necklace that can be called 'statement'.

There are twelve different pieces of laser-cut walnut used to create the Art Deco curves of Grace, above. It's also a great example of Sarah Louise's brilliant use of colour. I never thought pistachio green and scarlet would look so delicious together.

More fantastic colour combinations at work in the Lily necklace. I love how the rope cord makes something so potentially fancy look so straightforward to wear: perfect for dressing up a simple T-shirt; perfect for playing down a show-off dress.

Sadly, there's only a couple of pieces left from her 'Winter Garden' collection, inspired by the architecture of the grand Blackpool building of the same name. I love Marjorie and her seashell-shaped centrepiece.

These pieces are so intricate, they'd definitely look their best with simple clothing: a summer cotton dress perhaps, or a striped top maybe, as shown here, displaying Iris to her advantage.

Or for even more of a statement piece, how about Charlotte, where a thicker braid takes the place of a metal setting and chain?

Each piece is around £60 to £75. Yes, they're more expensive than a Topshop number, but for something so thoughtfully and lovingly put together, I think that's a very reasonable price indeed.

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