Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Spots and Stripes

Frances and I were having a chat the other day about prints, particularly spots and stripes. She's all about the stripes, I'm often head to toe in polka dots. The two patterns are retro classic and we can't get enough of them. Here are some gorgeous pieces in our favourite prints.

Purses at the ready, this lemon polka dot dress is just £36 from Love Miss Daisy. Listed just earlier today, it's 80s does 50s and it's just about perfect. Buttons down the back, pockets, sweetheart neckline. It's get everything. If it's still on sale after I've had my lunch, I'm buying it from under your noses.

Oh how cute are these wedge sandals? Boden is knocking it out of the park this summer. £20 very, very well spent. Damn, I could spend a fortune in the Boden sale.

This striped coat is just verging on the right side of Beetlejuice. It's in the sale and £84.10 in the Boden sale. I heartily recommend accessorising it with a dalmatian. (Please can I borrow a dalmatian?)

Half polka dots, half pleaty-stripes. This is such a great skirt. It's £29 at Sugarhill Boutique. Swish about as much as you like. Even at the bus stop.

This might be a terrible photo of a gorgeous model, but cast your eye down and check out her brilliant scalloped shorts. Love them. I've been trying to get Frances into them all week. They're £21.

Nope, still not bored of this beautiful yellow sundress. It looks like a bag that you're pick 'n' mix comes in. It's £45 from Joy.

Oasis are very, very good at a bold stripe. And they're good at a midi length. Amazingly, this skirt is £35. It's been a long time since I thought Oasis was reasonably priced. All sizes left, but be quick.

I concede that going all out 50s polka dot can be a little too much, so Lindy Bop's navy halter dress is the perfect solution. It's just £29.99. The Audrey dress at the top of the page is also Lindy Bop and also £29.99.

"Would you like a flake with that?" This candy striped shirt is very ice cream seller in the 50s but styled with dark skinny jeans, red lippy and a beehive, it would look utterly gorgeous. It's £40 from 20th Century Foxy.

Now this is my favourite stripe skirt. The clashing flower print is fabulous. It's £45 and I will not be wearing it with any sort of crop top. Stop trying to make fetch happen, ASOS.


  1. Oh (against type), those Boden wedges are lovely. Can I wear them with the shorts that are not mine yet do you think?

    1. Oooh, maybe. I think they'd look better with the striped midi skirt...

    2. Sorry, I beat you to them. They arrived last week. See also: Riviera print Nancy dress.

  2. All of it please! Especially the Joy dress (I have been eagerly opening every one of their sale emails in the hope it will finally be there), the 20th Century Foxy shirt and Sugarhill Boutique shorts...

    1. The dress was an odd shape on me, sadly. Perfectly fitted in the bust but oddly loose around the waist. I love it and I've seen lovely ladies wearing it in Greenwich, but I left it on the hanger.

  3. Hi Sian, Where's the brown spotty dress from please? It's amazing!

    1. Sorry Anon, that link is hidden away in the post. It's from Lindy Bop! Amazingly, unlike when you find something you love in a magazine and see that it's thousands of pounds, it's only £29.99.


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