A letter from Sian and Laura

With everything that’s happened in the world recently, it seems strange that the changes we’re making to Domestic Sluttery are actually business as usual – we’ve been planning since before Christmas, only now are they coming into fruition.

It’s time for a refresh. A new brand. A new name.

When Domestic Sluttery launched way back in 2009, the name worked perfectly. It fit the cultural climate and felt right. When we relaunched as a digital newsletter, the name still resonated.

We don’t think the name hits the right note anymore. We don’t think it sums up what we’re about. Rather than feeling tongue-in-cheek, it feels dated. That realisation left us with a dilemma. We could stop writing the newsletter completely or we could switch things up. We’ve chosen the latter option.

We’re rebranding and soon we’ll be landing in your inbox under an all-new name, and with a fresh lick of paint.

For now that means DS is taking a little bit of a break. Initially we’d planned to continue writing up until the relaunch, but lockdown has meant big shifts in our professional and personal lives so we’re taking a little time to recharge and to make sure we get it right. We anticipate we’ll relaunch in a couple of months, and the blog archive will remain online.

The DS ethos – taking your pleasure seriously – will be in every part of the new format. The new weekly email will still land in your inbox on Friday lunchtime, and you’ll recognise a lot of the editorial – excellent women, delicious recipes, independent brands. We’ll change things up a little, but the core will remain the same. We love the surprise that DS brings – we write about whatever’s exciting us on any particular day because we want to write emails that we’d be excited to receive. This isn’t a goodbye, not by a long stretch. We really love what we do and can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on.

Whether you’re a new reader or you’ve loved DS since day dot, we hope that you’ll continue on the next stage of this journey with us. We are incredibly lucky to have such brilliant readers.

See you soon,
Sian and Laura