Your email looks awesome. Why can’t I subscribe?

Sometimes Mailchimp is glitchy. It’s really annoying. We can subscribe you manually if you email us. If you’ve had an error message and the form is still showing, try again. Second time lucky usually works.

I’m subscribed, why aren’t I getting your emails?

There are a few answers to this question. It’s inevitable that some of our emails will go into spam folders, so check there first! Make sure you put us in your “safe senders” list if it happens a lot.

Our email is double opt-in which means once you’ve hit subscribe on the website, you’ll get an email confirmation too. If you forgot to click that link, you won’t get the email. It’s an extra step to ensure everyone on our list wants to be there.

Standard email providers are our friend. If you’ve signed up with your company email address, they may block us entirely if your company has particularly tight security – you can email your tech team and ask them to make sure our emails get through.

Where have all of your old recipes gone?

Relax, we haven’t taken the old site down! It’s just archived – you can see a link at the bottom of the page. And if you use the search function at the top of your screen, you can find all of our old content.

But if you’ve got bookmarked recipes, those links probably won’t work. You can search for your favourite recipes so you’ve got the correct link saved, or you can switch www. for archive. in the web address and your recipe should load perfectly and you can make your favourite dish.

Are you hiring?

Yes. We hire freelance writers, who are paid per article.

Are you hiring anyone full time?

No, sorry. We don’t offer work experience, either.

I’ve got an amazing product/event/cat I want you to write about.

We’d love to hear more. Email us. Just once, mind. No need to go crazy.

I want to run a competition/advertise/work on an event with you.

All of those things sound great, get in touch for our media pack and a chat.

You still haven’t answered my question.

Email us or yell at us on Twitter.