Privacy Policy

You have a right to know what information we find out and store about you, and how we use it. There are no secrets here.



We use Google Analytics to, well, analyse how you use our site and find out more about you. This tracking software places a cookie on your hard drive to find out which pages you visit, how long you spend there, and where you arrived from in the first place (for example, via a social media link, or by googling us). Everything is anonymous, so we don’t know who you are or any of your personal information, but can see where in the world our visitors are and things like their age group and gender. You can read Google’s own data security information to find out more.

Why do we use analytics in the first place? They help us make a better website, because we can see what catches your eye and holds your interest. There’s no point in us harping on about millions of gorgeous cushions if we discover none of you like gorgeous cushions.


Like most websites, we use cookies to collect information about how you use our site. Cookies, despite the tempting name, are quite boring: tiny text files stored on your computer by your browser, that remember whether you’ve visited the site before and retain information about your browsing habits (that’s why when you Google something, adverts for it follow you around the internet).

Cookies help us give you a better browsing experience by knowing just a little bit more about how you navigate the site. We use them to track how many people visit Domestic Sluttery, and what they do while they’re here. They won’t collect any of your personal data – we have no idea who you are. When you visit one of our advertisers or affiliates, it lets them know that you came from Domestic Sluttery.

To comply with EU legislation, when you first visit the site you’ll be asked to confirm that you’re happy for us to use cookies. You can opt out of cookies if you want to – just head to to find out more about how you can do that. We can’t change your browser settings for you (and if you use more than one browser, you’ll need to do this more than once), but we want you to enjoy Domestic Sluttery in the way you choose.

Ravenously hungry after all this talk of cookies? Don’t worry, we’ve got loads of fabulous biscuit recipes coming your way.


Some of the products featured on this site and in our newsletter use affiliate links – we use Shopstyle Collective and Skimlinks. When you click on an affiliate link, we get a little bit of money (and a bit more if you actually buy something). Not all shops are part of these affiliate schemes, and we continue to only feature products we love. You’ll never see us pretending to like something ghastly just so we can earn 32p.

Remember that once you follow an external link and end up somewhere else on the internet, you’re then subject to a whole new privacy and cookies policy, specific to that site. Also bear in mind that when you follow a link to our site from someone else’s site, we might have access to that information.


We only ask for your email address when you subscribe to our newsletter. That’s all we know about you. We use Mailchimp to send our newsletters and – quite rightly – they take data security very seriously. Read more about how your email address is stored and protected by Mailchimp.

You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time by following the link at the bottom of our newsletters.

Sharing Information

We’ll only share your information (for example, your name and email address) with third parties when they are providing prizes, and we’ll be upfront about that fact in the terms and conditions of each specific competition or offer. Links to third party offers that are hosted on someone else’s website are governed by their own privacy policy.

Contacting Us

When you contact us, use your usual common sense. No bank details or secure information, thank you. The whole team reads those emails, and while we’re all well-versed in data protection and the like, you’re responsible for what you send us. Telling us what you love about us, asking any questions you may have, or just letting us know that you’ve tried one of our recipes is all most welcome, as always.